Eighth Annual Report


Staff of the Body in 2003
Ireland:    United Kingdom:
Clerks: Mr Jim Mulkerrins/Mr John Hamilton Clerk: Ms Alda Barry
Counsellors/Advisers: Mr Colm McGrady British Consultant: Brigadier John Oborne
Clerks, Committee A: Mr Colm McGrady Shadow Clerk, Committee A: Mr Huw Yardley
Shadow Clerks, Committee B:Ms Marianne Bolger & Mr David Keating Clerk, Committee B: Mr Mike Clark
Clerks, Committee C: Mr Colm McGrady Shadow Clerks, Committee C: Mr John Whatley & Mr Mike Hennessy
Shadow Clerks, Committee D: Ms Marianne Bolger & Mr David Keating Clerk, Committee D: Dr Christopher Johnson & Ms Audrey Nelson
Administrators: Mrs Veronica Carr, Ms Jennifer Dorgan & Mr Rory Desch Administrator: Miss Amanda Hay
Media Consultant: Mr Mike Burns

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